Our babysitters look after your children in your own home for an arranged period of time, allowing you to relax on a child-free evening out.
A qualified Tinies Nanny is equipped to provide a safe, positive and stimulating learning environment in which your children can develop.
Mother's Help
Duties vary according to experience, the type of household and the ages of the children. Child carers will also be available to help around the house with light housework.


First class childcare
that your child deserves..

Tinies Childcare is much more than an introductory agency. Finding the right childcare solution can be a long and difficult process. Tinies specialises in placing experienced child carers with the right families and helping parents find the right childcare solution for them

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Tinies can provide the following services

Maternity Nanny

Available 24 hours a day, 6 days per week a Maternity Nanny can help with feeding, care and hygiene and with establishing a routine for the new mother and her baby.

Proxy Parent

A Proxy Parent is a Nanny who will take full 24-hour responsibility for your house and childcare arrangements during your absence on business trips or holidays.

Emergency Care

Tinies can arrange child carers who are available at short notice to help you with short term and /or emergency childcare needs. 


We are currently offering a special deal on permanent or long term temporary agency fees.
If you enroll with our preferred home based education program called Seedlings Education, the agency fee will be $475 including GST.